The new LogicApp adapter for BizTalk Server 2016 was recently released as an add-on for the CTP2 edition. Here are some more details from Microsoft:

Today, Friday 8th July 2016, we have uploaded a new package BizTalk 2016 Adapter for Logic Apps to Connect. The package is available to download for use with BizTalk Server 2016 CTP2.

BizTalk Server applications can now integrate with cloud based SaaS providers using the send side adapter included in this package. Logic Apps will be able to integrate with On-Premise Line of Business systems through the BizTalk Connector and receive side adapter of this package. These adapters and connectors are designed to work together to enable Microsoft’s hybrid Integration platform. The new BizTalk adapter is the first step towards integrating BizTalk Server and Logic Apps. The BizTalk Connector for Logic Apps, when released in the coming months, will complete this integration.

This pre-release program enables you to connect directly with the Microsoft developers and product managers to improve the product and ensure that it meets your needs.

Let’s see how easy this is to setup, and get started with a simple Messaging integration. In this scenario we will pick up a file in BizTalk and transfer to OneDrive for Business. The following will assume we have an Azure VM running with BizTalk 2016 CTP2.

First, download the ISO on the Pre-Release page. Sign up for the program, download the ISO and transfer to the BizTalk server.


After a successful installation (which is straightforward), we have our new adapter available (note the new BizTalk Administration Console graphics in CTP2):


Next, create the Logic App in Azure. We will receive a message using HTTP, and the trigger must be manual. The input will be sent to OneDrive for Business. All we have to do is sign in and select folder, file name and content.


In BizTalk, create a new application with a receive port, receive location and send port. The send port is the interesting part, as it will utilize the new LogicApp adapter. After signing in to Azure, selecting the appropriate Logic App is very easy. Simply choose Subscription, Resource Group, Logic App and Trigger from the available dropdown menus. This will generate the Trigger URI for us. The URI is using HTTPS by default.


Next, restart the applicable host instance(s), and start the application. Put a file in the receive location folder, and monitor the progress in the Azure portal.


After a few seconds, our file is available in OneDrive for Business, as expected.


This simple Messaging integration took literally a few minutes to setup. The scenario itself is not as interesting as the possibilities now available for us. The BizTalk server can be on premise, and not necessarily in Azure. This opens up new doors for hybrid scenarios. Microsoft is focusing heavily on Logic Apps. Just keep in mind that Logic Apps is currently in Preview. For more details about this and more advanced demos, see the Integrate 2016 presentations available online for free: